Alloys machining
and precision mechanics

Moreschi S.r.l. is one of the leader Company in the sector of precision mechanical machining of medium-sized products. It offers a very wide range of customized services, and complete supplies of ferrous and non-ferrous products.

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“All along we have walked research and quality roads. Our constant care and tendency is to improve day by day through the awareness of all our staff, pointing out once again the quality in all phases of our productive process.

Application technologies for furnaces and continuous castings, research, development and assistance are all recognized as a steady assurance orienting customer satisfaction.”

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Components for electric
and blust furnaces

Moreschi Srl supplies cooling components in copper and copper alloys, and it executes the relative leak tests.

Components for iron &
steel castings

Moreschi Srl supplies mould tubes, even round, squadred and rectangular for big-sized billets, as well as production of compound copper mould plates for blooms and slabs.

Metal machining and
generic mechanical machining

Moreschi Srl supplies a maintenance service for continuous castings, for electric and blast furnaces.

Highlight Thursday 19 January 2023 New website
Thursday 19 January 2023 New website

New image, new style, same quality and tradition: it's online the new Moreschi S.r.l. website, with a cutting-edge graphics and all the optimization necessary to address the exciting present and fut...

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Certified quality

The foremost Moreschi’s undertaking is to serve its customers as a benchmark partner in terms of reliability and innovation, based on a deep knowledge of their needs and technologies.