All along we have walked research and quality roads. Our constant care and tendency is to improve day by day through the awareness of all our staff, pointing out once again the quality as the core of all our productive process. Application technologies for furnaces and for continuous castings, research, development and assistance are all recognized as a steady assurance orienting customer satisfaction.

Precision mechanical manufactoring

Of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys

Moreschi S.r.l. is one of the leader Company in the sector of precision mechanical machining of medium-sized products. It offers a very wide range of customized services and machining, and complete supplies of ferrous and non-ferrous products. The company, founded in 1947 by Cav. Primo Moreschi, born with a family style in Botticino (Brescia), and carried on with success by the sons Emanuele and Giovanni, and now by the nephews William and Roberto. In 1990 Moreschi Srl moved and opened a new location in Mazzano (Brescia), expanding the spaces; now it is sited on an 8.000mq area, included 4.000mq large sheds and storage.

Since 40 years our business core is the supply and the refurbishing of copper cooling products and all copper alloy components, for continuous castings in iron and steel mills, electric and blast furnaces. Moreover, other markets for whom we supply our services are: mechanical for industry, aeronautic, naval and power industries.

Along the years Moreschi Srl got the experience on machining of different kind of materials: copper, bronze, and any special steel component, inox, treated steel, inconel, titanium, aluminium, cast iron.
Our machine-shop Dept. includes 7 CNC milling machines to operate up to 5 axis, till 8.000mm length and 3.500mm width; 4 parallel CN lathes, a welding area, an assembly and test Dept. on 1000 mq.

Request information Contacts: phone number +39 030 2590896