Metal machining
for steel mills

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Moreschi Srl supplies the maintenance service of the following parts for continuous castings: supply and refurbishment of copper round mould tube, copper mould plate, steel roll, with any size and technology special coating.

It refurbishes the following components for electric and blast furnaces: contact clamp, holder, cooling panel, burner, jackets/bushing conveyor, power conducting arm, sub-lance, lance tip, tuyere, cooling box, cooling block. Our internal Test Dept. is able to execute hydraulic tests and dimensional reports of the above mentioned components.

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Our Test and Measurement Dept. includes an air-conditioned room, a CNC Swan centre for the dimensional control, (a working area of 3500*1500*1800mm with 2 CN test benches), in addition to a Laser Tracker Faro with a mm precision until 20mt, for laser dimensional test that can be used also to get sizes when a part is sited on a CN machine. We can issue not destructive test certificates, like ultrasound tests, hardness tests, electric conductivity tests, dye penetrant tests. We can execute hydraulic tests until 20BAR and pneumatic tests until 40BAR.

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